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Poor Little Picked-On Sarah Palin’s Got A “Bellyache”

about the media- so she’s bellyaching… to the media.

Maybe she ate too much at this week’s “Sarah Palin Smorgasbord”.

I’m guessing neither Katie Couric, Caroline Kennedy, nor Tina Fey are gonna attend the next Palin dinner party, even if Sarah were serving up crow- or fresh Alaskan-killed turkey.

And apparently she is NOT likely to invite Keith Olbermann any time soon. ALSO.

But answer me these:

1. Doesn’t she still have a regular job to do, other than seek non-stop self-promotion, ALSO?

2. Isn’t all of this constant whining and griping interfering with her or her staff interfering with those pesky laws up North?

Someone, please pass Sarah some “Alaska-Seltzer” already so she’ll STFU. ALSO.