The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force issued a study on that very issue:

Here we present data indicating that while African Americans did support the measure at higher rates than voters as a whole, we have strong reason to think that their support was not as high as that estimated by the National Election Pool (NEP) exit poll (70 percent). Analysis of the full range of data available persuades us that the NEP exit poll overestimated African American support for Proposition 8 by ten percentage points or ore. Furthermore, much of African Americans’ support for Proposition 8 can be explained by the fact that blacks tend to be more religious than Californians as a whole.

They show some nice charts on the data.  They showed that Party ID and Religiosity were far bigger predictors of the Prop 8 vote than Race.

Still, we cannot deny that there is a homobigotry in the African American community that is a real problem.

(Straight white guy just observing.  I have no idea what to do about it.)




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