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Sorry; would have served this up yesterday, but with the site being hacked and all, decided to postpone the feast.

So I’m afraid it’s more cold cuts than hot dishes! 😉

But feel free to grab a plate and dig in; there’s plenty for everyone… and be sure to take some home to share.

As dear Auntie Mame so eloquently put, "Life is a banquet- and most poor bastards are starving to death!"  First, let’s get rid of these leftovers.

Whet the appetite? Good. Hey, what was in there anyways- lemme look at that …

Eww! Well, THAT doesn’t seem right… maybe we should back off of THAT one for a bit.

Gee, but I’m still hungry; how about you? Let’s have some dessert… who’s up for “Baked Alaska”?

Yummy stuff!! Reminds me of when we had that lovely “Troopergate Torte” awhile back…

By the way, how are we gonna PAY for this feast? What? OH! Yeah, you’re right- this should cover it and then some!!

Let’s see; who else is here today? Oh look- there is Sarah’s running mate John McCain. How sweet that he was invited… but what the hell is he doing over there in the corner?

Am I wrong, or is he mumbling and repeating himself again?

Who else… oh, look ther! Why, it’s Sam Whathisname, er, “Joe The Plumber”! (I always forget his name, but so does Sarah)

How lovely that he was able to make it before his little trip on that new gig of his.

Oh, this was fun, even more than when we all got together for Thanksgiving with Sarah!

Pity that party got crashed by all those weird sick people, huh?

But that reminds me: have an after-dinner mint, compliments of “Team Sarah”.

I’m glad we all got together; we should do it again soon. I just found a new recipe for “Stake Thru The Heart and Kidney Pie” that I’m dying to try out…

Just leave the dishes; I’ll clean up…

Until next time!




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