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Steven Rattner?!?!?!

I’m with Josh. I’m not sure an expert in complex financial instruments is really what Detroit needs in an auto czar.

Democrats tell ABC News successful private equity investor Steve Rattner of the investment firm Quadrangle Group has emerged as President-elect Barack Obama’s leading candidate to be "car czar."

Known for brokering investment media deals, Rattner began his career as a reporter with the New York Times before leaving for the greener pastures of Wall Street. There, he rose quickly at places like Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, and Lazard Frères. Mr. Rattner is highly regarded for his financial acumen — so highly that a year ago, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg put his fortune — estimated to be worth as much as $13 billion — in Rattner’s hands.

Here’s the best part–someone who will fit in the Mid-Western culture of Detroit perfectly.

In Autumn of the Moguls author Michael Wolff described Rattner as "very smooth" with a mien of formality, reserve, efficiency, and soft-spokenness. "He is a kind of perfect museum-board member," Wolff wrote.

I remember the first time I got taken to a girlie bar in Thailand to watch Formula One with colleagues; I felt like I had finally lost my auto industry virginity (and, since you asked, I was the only Anglo woman in the bar and the only one not working). I wonder how Mr. Museum-Board Member likes titty bars?

I wonder if Mr. Museum-Board Member even drives his own car? 

Though in the end, I suppose I shouldn’t complain. Usually when people give the kind of huge money that Rattner has, they get to be Ambassador to Paris. Rattner? He’s contemplating the privilege of serving as Ambassador to the Rust Belt.

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