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Hungering for Freedom in Guantanamo: 19 strikers being force-fed.

McClatchy’s Carol Rosenberg reports today that 19 Guantanamo detainees are being force-fed after going on a hunger strike. The details:

Hunger strikers at Guantánamo are counted as captives who refuse nine meals in a row.Those fed through tubes have fasted for 21 days in a row, Storum said — or weigh less than 85 percent of their ”ideal body weight,” or weight on arrival. The forced-feeding regime has guards and medical staff strap a captive into a chair, Velcro his head to a metal restraint, then tether a tube into the man’s stomach through his nose to pump in liquid nourishment twice a day.

Nearly seven years after the facility opened, some of those strikers have yet to be charged with a crime. Is it Jan. 20th yet?

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Laura Doty

Laura Doty