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Attack of the 50-Foot Wingnuts!

"Big Hollywood" is Andrew Breitbart’s brand-new site devoted to incessant whining about how Conservatives are badly treated in Hollywood and how movies nowadays are all about how much the American flag sucks and apple pie tastes like crap. It’s not yet a week old, but, as the Sadlynauts have it, it is not at all to early to "officially declare Big Hollywood as the most wingnutterific website ever." (See also Roy and James.)

To be blunt, though, as funny as the site is, it’s pretty much just a scam. Like this, from Michael Wilson, who says "The trick to transforming the very real liberal bias in Hollywood is to change the formula that Hollywood uses by finding AND FINANCING films and television projects that engage people emotionally first and speak to ideology second." Because nobody likes movies that are all about ideology! Which is of course true, but which of course also tends to wreck the whole Hollywood has a "liberal bias" claim, in that if all Hollywood movies were "ideological first," nobody would go to see them. Though, of course, they do. Wilson’s way out of this is to cite an Adam Sandler movie that celebrates "family values" and made a lot of money. If you think about it, though, this also isn’t exactly evidence of "liberal Hollywood" bias. But whatever. Wilson wants conservatives to give him money, is what he’s saying, dammit.

This is the dynamic of the entire site. Roy says, correctly:

It’s the usual Zhdanovite schtick: claims that Hollywood is destroying the country, except when the country is destroying Hollywood; wounded self-presentation as an oppressed minority deserving aesthetic affirmative action; and above all projection of the widescreen variety, in which artists who resist their call to propagandize are the real propagandists, and can only become genuine artists by making movies that suit the prejudices of a bunch of rightwing web operatives.

Complete, of course, with an incessant demand for the whole asinine shebang to be heavily funded. Great work if you can get it and don’t want to actually work. Don’t forget the FINANCING, you know?

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