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What a Day to Get Hacked!!

I mean, good gravy!

Or as Auntie Mame would say: “Life is a banquet- and most poor bastards are starving to death!”

Grab your plate and dig into this buffet table of goodies! More below the fold:First, let’s serve up some quick leftovers: [Levi Johnston is not a high school dropout. ]

Next, we’ll move to this dish called [“Hey, wait a minute…” ]

Still hungry? Me too. [Please, Guvner, we’d like some more! ]

Oooh, we may have eaten too much. [Let’s back off a bit, shall we? ]

Ah, that’s better. By the way, how are we gonna pay for this meal?

Well, that outta do the trick! How about some dessert- maybe some “Baked Alaska”?

Let’s see, who else is here tonight for our little dinner party?

Why, I think I see John McCain- what on Earth is he doing in that corner? Oh dear, he seems to be repeating himself over and over…

And look over there- how lovely that “Joe The Plumber” could stop by before his trip overseas…

Oh, it’s so nice when everyone gets together for the holidays, isn’t it? This is even more fun that when Sarah Palin threw that wonderful turkey dinner…

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