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BREAKING: Democrats Will Seat Burris (Eventually)

Roland Burris

Mr. Senator?

Surprise, surprise. MSNBC has posted an AP story saying that Senate Democrats have decided to accept the credentials of Roland Burris, and so will seat him as the junior Senator from Illinois.

As Jane noted earlier, yet another example of the Majority’s pathetic poker skills.

Update (from PW): News has come out within the last hour that Harry Reid, perhaps under pressure from Dianne Feinstein, is allowing Roland Burris to be seated. This despite more news reports about Burris’ relationship with the man who appointed him, Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.

Stay tuned.

Update 2: TPM says hold yer horses:

We just asked Harry Reid spokesman Jim Manley for comment on whether the story about Roland Burris being accepted as a Senator from Illinois was true.

"It is wrong," Manley replied via e-mail.

Update 3: Reid and Durbin just had a presser. . . in which they said that they “don’t have a problem with [Burris] as an individual,” but otherwise settled nothing. The poker game continues with Reid wiping his forehead, twisting his wedding ring, and blinking wildly.

It’s an ugly game, folks—avert your eyes.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine