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It’s all Water under the Board

Being determined to be bipartisan about some things is bad enough — being determined to be bipartisan about other things is simply immoral.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Diane Fienstein and Jay Rockefeller:

NBC News has learned that Senate Democrats — including Dianne Feinstein and Jay Rockefeller, who are the incoming and outgoing Intelligence chairmen — have privately recommended a career CIA officer to head the agency.

Democratic sources indicate that both have recommended deputy CIA Director Steve Kappes, a veteran CIA intelligence officer

Kappes has had some successes no doubt, but on the issue of torture, he apparently did nothing.

One potential downside for Kappes: Like former counter-terror chief John Brennan, some critics says he had line authority over controversial decisions involving interrogation and detention.


Leon Panetta may not have been working on intelligence case reports, but on this issue he’s sterling. And if there is to be a CIA head, then let it be one that will let the professionals do their job, while putting a line in the sand they will NOT cross. Feinstein had no problem voting for pro-torture Attorney General Mike Mukaskey and pro-torture CIA head Porter Goss and both have by and large bought Bush’s bullshit for 8 years running, but heaven forbid someone who will not run the CIA like a "24" episode be appointed.

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