But I’m A Big Dreamer So Watch Me Come Up With Something

One of the things I most anticipate about the next four years is how the cohort that so definitively proved that they can’t be trusted to run or assess U.S. foreign policy is going to lecture the Obama administration on doing so. I used to think they should just be ignored, but I simply lack the willpower, as with Lay’s potato chips. (Or perhaps Cheetos and juiceboxes are better examples.) Here’s what I just received from the neoconservative incubator called the American Enterprise Institute, hyping a forthcoming lecture:

Obama seems poised to reformulate the United States’ foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East and Afghanistan. The administration will likely seek to cajole Iran into abandoning its nuclear ambitions, coax Syria into abandoning its revisionist history, and repair America’s image in the Arab world by pushing for a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But how realistic are these endeavors, given recent events in Gaza and estimates that Iran is less than a year away from a nuclear weapon? In addition, old challenges persist as Russia attempts to pull its former satellites back into its sphere of influence and as China’s intentions darken the horizon.

None would dare dream the conclusions are built into the framing of the questions. Who’s better equipped than AEI, really, to assess the Obama administration’s connections to reality? What do you think — should I cover this? 

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman