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Rosenbaum Accuses “Liberals And Liberal Jews” Of Supporting Hamas, And Therefore, Hitler

Liberals and Jewish liberals cheer on Hamas in Gaza.

Liberals and Jewish liberals cheer on Hamas in Gaza.

In a post where he lays out all the reasons Hamas is like, way, way worse than the Nazis, Ron Rosenbaum notes:

Liberals and liberal Jews (I’m one myself) used to think of theselves as anti-fascists and internationalists. They would be horrifed [sic] by the idea of supporting the goals of a Nazi-like party such as Hamas. Liberals and liberal Jews almost without exception supported the use of force to cause the unconditional surrender of Hitler and the Nazis. Some – not all – contemporary American liberals and some liberal Jews support the maintenance of the Nazi-like theological fascists of Hamas, who support the beheading of women and the stoning of gays, in power, rather than use force to oust them. They pat themselves on the back for being brave dissenters in their defense of the plight of a fascist genocidal party.

Presumably then these “liberals” would have been out in the streets in the ’30s demonstrating in support of Hitler’s demands for the Sudeten Deutsch against the Czechs despite the fact that the irredentists among the Sudeten Deutsch were mainly Nazis.

Since there are obviously no liberals or Jewish liberals who support Hamas — Rosenbaum tellingly doesn’t name any — you’ll note his carefully worded phrase, "support the maintenance of." That can be translated from the original neocon as "questions the effectiveness and appropriateness of an all-out Israeli invasion/bombing of Gaza and laments innocent Palestianian civilian casualties as a result of such action."

So, to review, not clapping loudly enough for Israeli’s offensive in Gaza makes you objectively pro-Hamas, and by historical extension, a Nazi.

Glad we cleared that up.

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