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How Does One Spell ‘Nepotism’ in Alaska?

Update: Not knowing an awful lot about federal regulations as pertaining to apprenticeships in Alaska (go figure, huh?), I looked about and found this interesting breakdown of the current sitution and the media/political landscape in PalinLand, er, Alaska.

Wonder if the Governator is gonna address this mess of her own creation or just drive forward?

My guess is the latter…


Try “S-A-R-A-H P-A-L-I-N”.

Too good to be true… but it is!

Remember last week, when Sarah defended Levi as not being a dropout, saying that he was working as an apprentice while getting his high school diploma online? Well, apparently SOMEONE was awake up in Alaska and paid attention to some of the more pertinent details!

From Anchorage Daily News:

Have you noticed how our governor seems to have convinced herself only some of the rules apply to her?

This attitude was really at the heart of Troopergate. It also allows her to do things like take cash from the state for spending more than 300 nights in her own home in Wasilla.

Now it appears the governor may have found a new way to skirt the rules.

How is it possible that the governor’s soon-to-be son-in-law, Levi Johnston, is working as an apprentice on the North Slope?

The governor, in trying to dispel rumors the father of her grandchild is a high school dropout, released this statement this past week:

“Levi is continuing his online high school work in addition to working as an electrical apprentice on the North Slope.”

But federal regulations require all members of apprentice programs, union or otherwise, to first obtain a high school diploma, something the governor’s soon-to-be son-in- law does not have. Some apprentice programs even require the completion of high school level algebra or the post-secondary equivalent.

So how is it that the governor’s soon-to-be son-in-law is working in an apprentice program?

Is this another case of the governor believing the rules don’t apply to her or her family?

I think this is a pattern with Sarah (the GOP’s latest darling!) of putting her own future presidential agenda before the election (cough! cough! Hamstringing McCain!), putting her desire for revenge over an ex in-law (cough! cough! Troopergate!) before the laws of her state.

Now Levi’s getting in on the action- putting the job before the degree, putting the baby before the marriage…This is, um, interesting to say the least…

Bo Underwood, who heads up ASRC’s electrical apprentice program, confirmed Johnston is indeed enrolled as an apprentice. Underwood claimed not to know whether a high school diploma is needed to be an ASRC apprentice and said he would check on it.

But federal regulations clearly state a high school diploma is needed before entering an electrical workers apprentice program.

How is it the man who runs the program does not know that?

Damned good question. What else does he not know?

Try this:

Underwood also claimed not to know whether there is a waiting list for the ASRC apprentice program he runs.

Rebecca Logan, executive director of Associated Builders and Contractors, an organization that also has an electrical workers apprentice program, says waiting lists always accompany apprenticeship programs. Her organization’s electrical apprentice program, one of only three in the state, has a waiting list of at least 100 people.

ASRC’s Underwood also could not say how it is Johnston came to be a part of his apprentice program or whether the governor had anything to do with getting him in.

Damn. Seems not only should someone be looking into how Levi got his job, but how this clown Underwood got HIS, too!

What is he, Todd’s childhood BFF or a cousin of Sarah’s?

Ya know, at some point all of this has got to come together in the brains of the Alaskan voters… seems that may already be the case.

A poll commissioned by and conducted by Dittman Research shows the governor is losing some of her appeal.

When respondents were asked whom they would vote for between Lisa Murkowski and Sarah Palin in a 2010 race for the Senate, an overwhelming number said Murkowski. According to the poll, Murkowski would beat Palin by a margin of 56 percent to 23 percent.

So much for the GOP’s rising star!

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