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When we started to hear all those rumors about the "inevitability" of Caroline Kennedy as David Paterson’s choice for the Senate, it sure sounded like the last-ditch attempt of a desperate spinmeister to stop the bleeding. You had to wonder what they knew that we didn’t.

Now we know:

Cuomo now leads Kennedy 58%-27% as the one that voters would like to see Gov. David Paterson appoint to the Senate, with a 54%-34% spread among Democrats only. In last month’s poll, which tested Democrats only, Kennedy had a 44%-23% lead. So a 21-point Caroline lead among Democrats has turned into a 20-point Cuomo advantage.

People have certainly overcome huge obstacles on their path to office before (though this one looks pretty ugly). If Kennedy has the kind of moxie it takes to be a good Senator for the state of New York, let’s see her fight her way back and convince people she’d be a good choice.

If it turns out she just doesn’t have the taste for public life and isn’t willing to do that, it’s good to find out now. These kind of numbers certainly give Paterson every excuse he needs to Just Say No.

Sounds like the Kennedy/Lieberman handler, Josh Isay, is a bit distracted though. Doesn’t seem like he’s quite on his game. Probably has his hands full with other clients like Michael Bloomberg and Bibi Netanyahu at the moment.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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