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Child disappears, parents don’t care until they’re questioned 10 years later

Twenty-one year old Adam Herrman has been missing since about 1999.  Unfortunately, his parents who adopted him after fostering him failed to notify the authorities of the boy's disappearance. . . for 10 years.

Wichita attorney Warner Eisenbise, who is representing Adam's adoptive parents, said the couple “really rue the fact that they didn't” report the boy missing.

“They feel very guilty” about not doing that, he said in a telephone interview. The couple told him the boy had run away frequently, he said, and they believed him to be either with his biological parents or homeless.

Although the Herrmans did not report him missing, “they were very worried about him,” he said.   CNN

The kid was about 11 or 12 when he “ran away”, and just assumed he was homeless if he wasn't with his biological parents – yet they neither contacted the biological parents to confirm his safety nor bothered to report him missing??!?

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