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Franken-Coleman Recount Update: Will Harry Seat Norman?

holiday-hourglass.thumbnail.JPGHere’s the big question:  With Al Franken the certain, though not yet certified, winner of the Minnesota Senate race, and with Box Turtle John Cornyn threatening to huff and puff if Al’s allowed to be seated with his fellow Senators on Tuesday, will Harry Reid be as tough-minded against Norm Coleman as he is against Roland Burris?

Probably not, as The Politico (via Jed L) indicates:

Since he has not been certified a winner in the race, Coleman may have to give up his privileges as a senator, including his desk on the floor, his personal office and his right to vote on legislation, according to Democratic aides familiar with the rules.

Some of his staff members could continue to get paid for up to 60 days if they do not find new employment, but each eligible aide would need to return every two weeks and sign an affidavit to certify he or she has not found new work. Coleman still would be able to enter the Senate chambers and meet with his colleagues on the floor, since former members are granted floor privileges so long as they are not registered lobbyists.

It is possible, however, that all of Coleman’s privileges may remain intact should the two parties reach an accommodation, and aides signaled that talks were occurring on the matter through Friday.

“We are still reviewing the situation,” said Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). "Norm Coleman should respect the conclusions of the Minnesota State Canvassing Board."

Heh.  I suspect Norm Coleman doesn’t respect anything that doesn’t involve folding money or a two-by-four to the face.  Harry Reid is going to have to gut up and just say no to him.  Oh, and Reid should seat Franken, too — make John Cornyn follow through on his threatened F-You to the citizens of Minnesota.

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