Michelle Assumed Barack Was “Nerdy”

Michelle Obama told CNN’s Soledad O’Brien that her first impression of her future husband came from reading his resume when he was hired as a summer associate at the law firm where she worked: 

My assumption was, this guy’s got to be kinda weird. Probably a little nerdy. I’d already created an image of this very intellectual image of this nerd.

Michelle was assigned to mentor Barack and got a surprise when he walked into her office:

He was cuter than I thought he’d be.

After trying to pass him off to her friends to date because she took her position as his adviser very seriously, Michelle finally capitulated to his requests to spend time with her outside of work, and had a wonderful day with Barack: A trip to the Art Institute, a long walk, a showing of Do The Right Thing and drinks on the 99th floor of the John Hancock Building. His persistence and charm paid off. Michelle says:

and probably by the end of that date, it was over…I was sold

Michelle says Barack was never really concerned about appearances and hasn’t changed much over the years, she admitting that PEBO is still not very clothes conscious:

Barack still has the same pants and shirts that he had when we got married, which is why I crack up when people say he is one of the best dressed men. I think that maybe that means like he looks good in his clothes because he is tall and thin, but if you look up close, the pants have a hole in the back. And the shoes, I looked at them the other day and I said, you need new shoes.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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