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Hear Them Whimper, Watch Them Beg

Remember the MA hate group that was using a celebration of Prop 8 to fundraise against the Trans rights bill?  Well!  They aint too proud to beg.  Check out the very satisfying begging bowl email they just dispatched.

Dear Friends,

    If you’re attending our event to celebrate Prop 8 here in MA, please take 30 seconds to RSVP by emailing [redacted], or by calling [redacted], or by donating online. The cost to attend is only $18, and we’re still seeking sponsors at the $88 level.

Now that the mothership (Focus on your Anus) is in dire financial straits, the minions are on their own and apparently can’t find anyone to party on hate with, even for the low, low price of $18.  Anyone besides me think that the professional haters have worn out their welcome in Massachusetts?UPDATE:  Mireille points out below that the numbers 18 and 88 are meaningful in the neo-nazi universe.

88 is code used by neo-nazis referring to the 8th letter of the alphabet, HH, or Heil, Hitler.

And 18 is also code used for the 1st and 8th letters of the alphabet, A and H, or Adolph Hitler.


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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer