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Cornyn Uses Reid’s Burris Tactics to Refuse Seating Franken

rolandburris-1.thumbnail.jpgOver at Swampland, K-Tum has the inside scoop on how the Democrats plan to keep Burris from being sworn in:

The first thing the Senate leadership plans to do is to demand, under Rule 2 of the Standing Rules of the Senate, a certificate containing "the name of the person elected or appointed, the date of the certificate, the name of the governor and the secretary of state signing and countersigning the same, and the State from which such Senator is elected or appointed."

Oh, snap! At Harry Reid’s urging, Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is refusing to sign such a certificate.  No idea whether White’s refusal to sign is legal or not, but that little technicality should be enough to keep the Democrats from having to seat Burris when he shows up on Tuesday.

Or not…

It turns out that Blagojevich–like every other Governor, I’m told–has a set of certificates that are pre-signed by the Secretary of State, to be used in the event of an emergency. If Burris shows up with one of those, the Senate leadership intends to reject it.

That Harry Reid is one smart cookie, ain’t he? Well, that remains to be seen. Because the push to seat Al Franken provisionally this Tuesday could now be problematic:franken_al.thumbnail.jpg

In a conference call with reporters, Cornyn said Republican Senators fear that Senate Democratic leaders may try to seat Franken next week even if an official winner has not been declared in the election. But the Texan said Republicans are prepared to launch a filibuster to prevent Franken from being seated until state officials declare a winner and all legal challenges are exhausted.

"There will be no way that people on our side of the aisle will agree to seat any Senator provisionally unless a certificate of election has been signed" and all court cases about the Senate race have been completed, Cornyn said.

The Republicans have been planning to block Franken for some time, and Reid should have factored that in when he drew up his Burris game plan. Until Reid announced he’d refuse to seat Burris because he didn’t have a certificate, the Dems had an argument that the Senate Republicans were just playing politics.

Now they’re stuck trying to explain the double standard for Franken and Burris.

Harry Reid — played by Blago, played by Cornyn.

He’s a friggin’ Stradivarius.

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