31 Dec 2008

GOP’s “recovery” efforts.

Speaking with one of my close friends today, who unfortunately is a Log Cabin Republican, he kept telling me how great the Republican party is doing… how many victories they've had post-election.  He said the GOP is “recovering well”.   At first I thought he was crazy.. then I sat

31 Dec 2008

Are Mormons Christians? Focus on the Family Says Mitt Romney Says “Mormonism Is Not A Christian Faith”

Might this indicate the beginning of a schism in the Prop 8 coalition? After all, the Prophet said Mormons are Christians, and have always been so:

Are Mormons Christian? This article explains why Mormons are Christians which is one of the most common accusations that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contend with.

31 Dec 2008

Pre-New Year Not So Random Ten

It’s the end of the year (oh yes, it’s in all of the papers) and since we do a Random Ten every week, I though we would finish off the year with my favorite ten new CDs.

31 Dec 2008

Senate Democratic Leadership Vows to Swipe Bush’s Toilet Paper

Scumbag Democratic Senate Leadership (Reid and Durbin) vow to violate the Constitution over appointment of Roland Burris.

31 Dec 2008

Did ’08 End An Era Or Revive One?

GRITtv is away until January 6. In the meantime we’re airing some of the best shows from the past eight months.

Americans heard more about socialism and the Weather Underground during the last part of the Presidential Election campaign than most of us had heard in years.

Today’s show asks — did ’08 end an era – or revive one, politically speaking– with former Weather Underground leader Bernadine Dohrn, Jamal Joseph, former

31 Dec 2008

Israel to Let Journos into Gaza – Sorta Maybe

In response to a complaint was brought by the Foreign Press Association, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that foreign journalists must be let in – but with severe limitations.

31 Dec 2008

Dr. Robert Spitzer: "DSM-V process can hardly be described as 'transparent' and 'open'"

The Los Angeles Times has a recent piece out (December 29, 2008) on how the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, entitled DSM psychiatry manual’s secrecy criticized. The subheader for the piece is The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is being revised under a cloak of confidentiality.

31 Dec 2008

Z2K: Microsoft Zunes temporarily bricked

Oops. A leap year bug. I hate it when that happens.

Things should be fine by tomorrow, except for DRM glitches.

31 Dec 2008

Happy New Year 2009! — Midnight Fireworks, Sydney

Midnight Fireworks
New Years Eve 2009, Sydney, Australia