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If the Senate Democrats Accept Lieberman, Why Not Burris?

rt_lieberman_070511_070511_msthumbnail.thumbnail.jpgHaving had a chance to digest all the back-and-forth over the appointment of Burris, I really can’t see any reason why the Senate should not seat him.

The Illinois legislature had their chance to strip Blago of his appointment power and call a special election, but the Democrats got cute and decided they didn’t want to risk losing the seat (Reid sent a letter opposing a special election).

So they made this particular bed.

Now the Senate Democratic Caucus have said they will not let Burris join their exclusive little club. Really? As The Christian Progressive Liberal notes over at Jack & Jill Politics, that’s a rich one:

Harry Reid, as well as the President-Elect, needs to explain why Traitor Joe Lieberman was allowed to keep his Senate seat, his committee assignments and his privileges when the man all but joined the Republican Party by publicly dissing PE Obama, and actively campaigning for Obama’s opponent, Sen. John McCain – thereby signing off on all the race-baiting inherently involved in McCain’s campaign, brought with an assist from the Moose Queen Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Reid needs to explain what the difference is in keeping Lieberman the Weasel vs. seating Roland Burris, the near-squeaky clean former AG from Illinois. This is a no-brainer; I think Burris can be more counted on to caucus with the Democrats than a fake Independent like Lieberman. And Lieberman has already shown them his ass to kiss; Reid and most of the Democrats in the Senate, including our PE, willingly applied the ChapStick and got to kissing Lieberman’s ass; thereby affording Lieberman more importance in the Senate than he should have. When Lieberman resorts to shanking them, I don’t want to hear shyt from Reid or Obama except to say “We knew this could happen.” rolandburris-1.thumbnail.jpg

In the end, it is a question of race, and it is also the DOUBLE STANDARD operating in full effect; but what is more worrisome to me is that our PE is siding with those engaging in the DOUBLE STANDARD through his public statements on the matter. However, PE Obama will be reminded of the fact of his ethnicity soon enough and fast enough, the minute he makes an unfortunate decision, which we’ve already more or less accepted. Yet, it would not be an excuse from calling the bullshyt DOUBLE STANDARD when it is presenting itself front and center, and especially when its coming from a man people worked too damned hard to get elected in the first place.

If Obama was given a pass for not using his considerable influence to kick Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Caucus, he also needs to be confronted as to why he’s applying said influence to kick out another legit Democratic African-American from the Senate.

Forget about the fact Obama cussed out Lieberman on the Senate Floor or in the Senate Chambers – he didn’t take down Lieberman when he had the chance; Eff needing Lieberman to caucus with the Dems. You guys think Harry Reid isn’t versed in all kinds of parliamentary procedures that would have neutralized Lieberman? I shyt you not; Reid’s a walking enclycopedia when it comes to Senate parliamentary rules and procedures. He even used one to stop Bush from making Presidential appointments to government positions without Senate approval during the last recess. Lieberman has already shown what a weasel he is and they allow him to continue being a weasel by not punishing him for his treachery. Yet, Burris is appointed by a Federally indicted Governor, per the Constitution and any other applicable law, and Obama and Reid now get their knickers in a twist?

Get.The.Hell.Out.Of.Here.With.That.Shyt. Keeping a weasel like Lieberman among them to further undermine and side with the Republicans; not to mention engaging in his own form of extortion when he doesn’t get his way – that’s far, far WORSE than seating Blagojevich’s appointment of Burris to the Senate. For my money, I’m looking forward to Burris writing another book about how racism in the United States Senate kept him from being appointed and possibly implicating our PE, who didn’t need to be involved in this shyt AT ALL. Obama has been remarkably adept at keeping out of controversies he doesn’t need to be in, so somebody needs to ask him why he’s all in this Senate Appointment Kool-Aid now, when he really doesn’t need to be? I mean, Pat Fitzgerald cleared him and his staffers from the very beginning and even looked like one of them dropped dime on Blago to the Feds to further keep him from soiling Obama’s ascendency to the White House.

I think these are very good points, and Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats who lined up to put the Homeland Security gavel back in the hands of the supremely unqualified Joe Lieberman should look forward to answering them.

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