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Happy 2009, Everyone!

Plans? Anyone doing something fun?


For us, a quiet evening… wind chill around Augusta ME already at -15 by 10 pm. BRR!!! Winds could get up to about 40 mph and really drive down the temps and chill further.

This year, we had a really nice dinner (hard-shelled lobster is $3.99 a lb this week!!) and staying home, where it’s warm. Done the big crowds/ bar scenes years ago and one memorable year in Inner Harbor in Baltimore, aboard our 50+ year old sailboat- Thermoses of cocoa laced with rum and watching the fireworks over the water. Cold but nice…

So kids are watching movies, loaded up with snacks, and gonna see in the New Year. Husband is already upstairs and I’m joining him in a minute when I convince the pug to wake up and climb the stairs- ah, the excitement of middle age… ūüėČ

A quick question, though- who the heck is Carson Daly on the NBC show? Or Ryan Seacrest, who is working with Dick Clark? The names are familiar but only vaguely- I honestly have no clue who either of these yutzes are…

Gawd, I feel ancient.

A very Happy New Year to all the Blenders!

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