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FDL Water Cooler: “Nice to meet you Mr. Toupee, uh Toussie”

Some members of the FDL gang were chatting away about the circumstances surrounding the photo of George W. Bush with the well-heeled GOP donor, Robert Toussie — who in addition to having a world-class ugly rug, just happens to be father of Isaac Toussie, he of the on-again, off-again Bush pardon:

Lisa Derrick:  The toupee is stunning, surely Bush would have remembered him for that alone.

The Snow Fairy:   Heh – I’m waiting for the "I never met the man" remarks – remember Bush’s claims about Abramoff?

Phoenix Woman:  Maybe it was such a traumatic experience he blocked out all conscious memory of it?

The Voice Floating Over From The Other Cubicle:  Presumes facts not in evidence, i.e., that Bush was conscious at any time in the past 8 years.

Lisa Derrick:  "Nice to meet you Mr. Toupee, uh Toussie."

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman

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