The Israeli bombardment of Gaza is in its third day, and now the Islamic University in Gaza — which The New York Times calls a "Hamas stronghold" and Israel says helps manufacture some of the Qassam rockets that hit Israeli villages and triggered this massive response — has been targeted. A lot of the reporting on the Israeli raids has been sanitary, but Amira Haas, Israel’s foremost chronicler of the occupation of the Palestinian territories is in Gaza for Haaretz and breaks past a lot of the cant and euphemism:

S. saw the results of some of Saturday’s bombings when he visited a friend whose office is located near Gaza City’s police headquarters. One person killed in that attack was Hassan Abu Shnab, the eldest son of former senior Hamas official Ismail Abu Shnab.

The elder Abu Shnab, whom Israel assassinated five years ago, was one of the first Hamas politicians to speak in favor of a two-state solution. Hassan worked as a clerk at the local university and played in the police band for fun. He was performing at a police graduation ceremony on Saturday when the bomb struck.

"Seventy policemen were killed there, not all Hamas members," said S., who opposes Hamas. "And even those who supported Hamas were young men looking for a job, a salary. They wanted to live. And therefore, they died. Seventy in one blow. This assault is not against Hamas. It’s against all of us, the entire nation. And no Palestinian will consent to having his people and his homeland destroyed in this way."

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman