Round two of’s Open for Questions is up.  The basic idea’s the same as before: you can vote yes/no on questions others have submitted, or submit your own.  Last time, it was open for about three days and there were a million votes overall; replies came via a blog post on, and a more detailed post and video on at least one topic (bailout transparency).  

Most of the questions at the top of the overall list are about the economy.  LGBT questions dominate the “Additional topics” category.  #1 is from Al in Texas:

“You’ve stated during your campaign that you don’t support marriage rights for GLBT citizens. How will you ensure that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans have rights equal to those of married couples?”

There are also questions about the US’s veto of the UN resolution, don’t ask don’t tell, tax benefits and responsibilities for couples, and Rick Warren — half of the top 10, at least in the initial reaction.  

Open for Questions is a really interesting experiment in “democracy 2.0” so it’s worth checking out (more of my thoughts here).  There are great questions in other areas as well, and it’s interesting just to sample some at random.  Well worth checking out — and it’s good to see that a lot of people care about LGBT rights.




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