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Israel Calls Up Reservists, Pakistan Continues Redeployment


Israel calls up reservists signaling a longer war. Meanwhile, in a very related event, a car bomb has killed 37 in Pakistan. The Taliban of Pakistan has claimed responsibility. What is the connection? How far extremists use terrorism to destabilize and radicalized a conflict, and then exploit the results.

As terrorist attacks go the Mumbai attacks were not the worst in people killed, there have been others worse. However it is the brutality which is notable: victims were forced to strip, and their genitals mutilated. Even doctors used to attacks were shocked at the gratuitousness of the violation.

As a result of the attacks, India’s ruling party needed to "get tough" and made unreasonable demands and threats over the atttacks, which everyone knew sourced from groups in Pakistan such as the LeT that are only nominally answerable to the government. Pakistan’s government redeployed troops to the border with India to show its population that it was doing its job. And the militants then began using the security void to slaughter their opponents in Pakistan and erode the state.

The same thing has happened in Gaza. There are elements in Gaza that knew that Hamas’ power structure would bear the brunt of attacks on Israel. They violated the cease fire, and are now watching Israel do the work of radicalizing the Gaza political structure even more than it was, and know that they can do so again and again. Each cycle drawing a state that has an internal political need to use force, and another which has an internal political need to resist, and creating the opening for the darkest forces that play in the body politic to profit from it.

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Stirling Newberry

Stirling Newberry