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Sales are down

Our Governemnt and those who have been ripping off all the people and acting the consummers who are the people of the Country don’t matter now are worried we aren’t spending as much as we did in the past.
For decades the Government pushed by the conservatives and Republicans have thought that instead of making money on goods and services they could make more on money. They sold us on that making money easy to get by credit and providing any country, corporation, person that wanted to sell us something free access to our markets and wallets. The global and free trade they pushed made the use of foreign manufacture and cheap labor a way to make big profits selling us stuff. Our companies can make stuff cheaper elsewhere and sell it here with no penalty. Foreign companies can sell what ever they want here with no penalties. Everybody could sell us houses, cars, and anything they wanted at the same time the people giving us the credit to finance all of this were allowed charge whatever they wanted and create mortgages and credit cards with rates and increases in rates that were doomed for people to not be able to pay.
We have the credit crisis and who are they blaming the people who fell for the loans and easy to get credit. They made it so easy to move jobs overseas, outsource, and import that they have given away the jobs that we used to pay all of this. Who do they blame labor for wanting to high a wages. They like the illegals because they work cheap driving down our wages. They gave away our steel, ship building, textiles, and are working on the auto industries. They failed to regulate which has cost many to lose their life savings and investments. They allow crooks like Madoff to rip people of even the not so poor. All of this and they can actually wonder why we aren’t spending as much as we did last year.
Even with all of this the American people instead of being up in arms and ready to march on Washington and drag the bums out instead are hoping Obama like the white knight will be able to make all things better.
They voted many of the problems back into office in the election and yet are trusting Congress will do the right thing. Instead of action they put their bets on hope, change, and prayer like any of this will solve our prolems and change things for the better. Until the people get mad enough, are hurting enough, and things get much worse no change will come. Trusting the same Government and people who caused all these problems with their actions and inactions to play with fixing it is like trying to pee up a rainpipe.
Until the people in the Congress fear not just in getting re-elected but for their lives they will never do whats right for the people and the Country. The incentives are with doing for the money people, big business, and special interests because they do more than vote. They pad palms, make things happen, and can give in ways the people can’t. The people still actually fall for the bit that they are pubic servents wanting to do for the people. We are so stupid that we can’t see they spend millions to get a job that pays a couple hundred thousand because they want to serve us. A final thought remember that all of us voted for these people and most like their Representatives and Senators and would re-elect them. So who really is to blame for our problems when we let them do whatever they want to us and barely complain when it hurts.

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