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How the Grinch stole my parent’s Christmas

“Merry Christmas!” is how I answered the phone on Christmas morning when my mom called me.  I usually expect a call from her, so to my surprise I wasn't expecting to hear what came next.

On December 24th my parents received a letter from the local chapter of his Union, the International Organization of Operational Engineers. (local 106).

This scandal has touched so many all across the country, even leading to the death of one investor in Manhattan.  And now it's touched my family.

What's striking is that the SEC has been notified several times and due to their inaction and reliance off of balance sheets provided by Madoff this scheme went unchecked for years.

You're a mean one, Mr. Madoff.  I don't know how he can sleep at night.

Has anyone here been affected or know anyone who was affected by the Ponzi Scheme run by Madoff? 


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