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MA Haters Using Prop 8 Celebration to Fundraise Against Trans Rights

The hate group that failed to strip LGBT people of the right to marry in MA is using a Prop 8 celebration to raise funds to fight the Transgender Rights Bill.  The bill was introduced early in the 2007/2008 legislative session and had a lot of support, including the support of Governor Deval Patrick, but was allowed to die in committee.  The bill will be reintroduced in the 2009/2010 session.

Let’s beat them at their own game!  Please consider making an ofsetting donation to the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, MassEquality or another Trans-positive organization of your choice.  And if you need some extra nudging, read the “christian” haters’ Call to Action after the flip.  It’s simply delightful!

UPDATE:  Just got another email from another H8 Coalition org in MA.  Interesting to see how they reworked the text.  Here is the most interesting edit.

Even in liberal California, where another set of activist judges thrust homosexual unions on an unwilling public, fifty-two percent of voters voted in favor of that states marriage protection amendment called Proposition 8.

The passage of Prop 8 was a critical win for family values. While radical homosexuals show their true intolerance across the country with violent, disruptive and hateful protests, we want to show our support for those who stood up for marriage.


Dear Friends,

This past Election Day, voters turned out in droves and confirmed what we’ve known all along: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman, and it needs to be protected.

In particular, the liberal state of California, whose activist judges had legalized same-sex marriage, voted in favor of a Marriage Protection Amendment: Proposition 8.

The passage of Prop 8 in California was a crucial win for family values-one worth celebrating-even as our opponents violently take to the streets in protest of its passage.

We’d like to show Massachusetts that we SUPPORT Prop 8. That’s why we’re having a special fundraising celebration.

Celebrate Prop 8!

Saturday, January 10

Noon to 2:30 PM

[location redacted – if you’re a hater, look it up your own damned self!]

$18 per person ($10 for food, $8 to Celebrate!)

$88 to Sponsor

Our opponents have announced they’ll be making a stronger push this year to pass the “Transgender Rights Bill”-also know as the “cross-dresser bill”-which would allow men in women’s clothing access to women’s gym locker rooms and rest rooms.

We must have the resources to fight this bill, to defeat it as we did last session. We need to activate our fellow citizens against it. We need to have the grassroots uprising necessary to articulate the dangers of this bill to every legislator on Beacon Hill. Your donation can make a difference.

We cannot do it without you. Whether you can attend our celebration on January 10th or not, please click here to DONATE and oppose the Cross-dresser bill today.

Finally, please forward this email to like-minded friends to invite them to the celebration. If you’d like a flyer to distribute to friends and associates, please reply to this email and let us know.

Thank you!

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Laurel Ramseyer