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She Doth Promote Too Much: Kennedy Strategy Appears to be Backfiring

Princess Caroline

by Millineryman

Yesterday, I pointed out that the "supportive" comments by NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg seemed to be doing Caroline Kennedy’s bid for the US Senate appointment more harm than good. Among other things, Bloomie urged Paterson to hurry up and make a decision, which I thought was nuts, since the Clinton seat isn’t even vacant yet.

It seems Gov. Paterson agrees with me. The New York Times is reporting that Paterson’s camp is expressing frustration that the Kennedy handlers are trying to box him in. And, in an effort to regain control of the process, he has declared that he will NOT make a decision until the seat actually becomes vacant. Oh, and Mike? I think he wants you to STFU:

“We didn’t tell him to hurry up on term limits,” said another Paterson adviser, referring to Mr. Bloomberg’s move this fall in which he marshaled votes on the City Council to nullify a city referendum so that he could run for another term.

In addition to opposition from the dean of the Long Island Congressional delegation, Gary Ackerman, who has compared her unfavorably to both J-Lo and Sarah Palin, Kennedy has now earned the opposition of NYS Assembly Leader Shelly Silver. Paterson needs Silver’s support to get ANY part of his agenda accomplished in Albany, so Shelly’s opinion counts.

Fellow short lister, Tom Suozzi, was moved to compassion pointing out that Ms. Kennedy is not being well-served by her own advisers.

“Any true Democrat loves Caroline Kennedy,” said Thomas R. Suozzi, the Nassau County executive, who has said he is also interested in the Senate appointment. “I think the way that her handlers and strategists are pushing her and trying to box in the governor is damaging the reputation of someone that we all care about.”

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