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“Favorite Xmas TeeVee Special” Time!

Nothing deep today, other than to wish everyone a very peaceful holiday… time with family and friends… safe travels and returns… and happy memories made.

Okay, here’s mine:

More below the fold!Probably my favorite cartoon one would be this one:

Thanksgiving Day starts it every year, with “Miracle on 34th Street”. After that, I dig out the huge box of DVDs and videos for a month- the girls cannot imagine the disappointment of realizing you missed “Grinch” the night before!

Last night, we watched “White Christmas” with our daughters- tonight it will be “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Our house and past circumstances so reminds us of the Bailey home… a house abandoned for years and barely habitable when we moved in- completely beat to hell- but slowly becoming a nice home full of love.

In fact, right now Charlie and I are listening to yet another dripping sound in between the walls (after having spent all of August renovating the attic and replacing all of the roofs)- a trip up under the eaves with buckets is in the immediate future this morning!

But as annoying and frustrating as it is, we feel so fortunate to have a home and food. Heat and warmth, presents under a tree. Our health and our friends. The ability to share with others, help those who have helped us, and give back to our town and community. To enjoy and pass along to our children traditions of caring and love…

Merry-Merry and Happy-Happy to all!  

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