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Guardian: 1 Million Heroin Addicts in Afghanistan

opium poppyA sobering video report on what American occupation has brought Afghanistan: a massive explosion of cheap heroin, and over 1 million addicts, of whom more than 100,000 are women. The video features graphic images of abscesses, individuals shooting up in broad daylight, and detox. It is also a stark reminder that the what Americans, in their sanitized images of what the wars in the Middle East are about, fail to realize that what we call victory, is really ruin. "They built a wasteland and called it peace."

This is a direct effect of the American invasion and our failure to understand that Afghanistan’s major export is that it is a legal black hole.

Meanwhile, in the Village, Obama is being told that he may have "no choice" but to follow Bush’s foreign policy, this by outgoing Secretary of State Rice, who looks forward to quiet time back in academia writing and teaching. With a "surge" style offensive almost assured in Afghanistan, backed by both the US and the UK, it leaves open the question of how many failed states this era of foreign policy extremism will leave littered behind it in its wake.

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Stirling Newberry

Stirling Newberry