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Franken-Coleman Recount Update, 12/21/08: Mea Dopa!

hourglass.thumbnail.jpgFirst, I want to apologize:  When I last posted, I thought that nearly all the challenged ballots had been counted.  What I didn’t realize then was that while all the 1400-odd actively-challenged ballots were just about counted, those ballots where the challenges had been withdrawn — which runs to about four times that number — had not been counted.  They’re going to be counted starting Tuesday.  Mea dopa!

Secondly, I want to say:  Looks like Nate Silver pegged this one pretty close when he projected a few weeks ago that Franken would win by 27 votes.  As Nate says now, the fact that Franken’s team is currently projecting a 35-to-50-vote win margin, a margin considerably less than the one the StarTribune is using, means that they are pretty confident that they have this in the bag once the dust settles.  Also as Nate says, the fact that the Coleman team really isn’t attempting to attack the specifics of the Franken campaign’s claimed win shows that they know full well that Franken is right.  It also, in my opinion, shows that they know that their last Hail-Mary-pass attempt at legal action to get alleged "duplicate votes" disqualified is going to get shot down by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

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