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1 of 18,000 Being Attacked This Holiday Season

My “homosexual agenda” is pretty much the same everyday.  Wake-up, give my husband a kiss on the cheek, give one of our dogs his allergy medicine and make sure there is food in their bowls, decide if I can skip another day of going for a jog as I munch on leftover holiday cookies, eventually make my way over to the computer to check my email and start my work day.  Pretty sinister, right?

It’s this threat to society as we know it that has kept the “Yes on H8” folks marching forward, now seeking to nullify the over 18,000 marriage that occurred in California, of which me and my husband are part of.

Yes, as I type this sitting on my couch with my dog sleeping in my lap, looking at my Christmas tree that symbolizes the season of giving, my marriage is up for debate and being challenged by people that have nothing to do with it.

Wrap a bow on that gift and put it in your stocking…I often wonder if the people fighting to strip away our marriage really stop to think of the individuals involved, to really put a face on the news story and the nameless numbers.  They are great about putting out press releases, commercials, and emails talking about the dangerous homosexual agenda, but I wonder if they think about the people they are working so hard to take things from.

I wonder how they would feel waking up one day to read a headline in a newspaper that their marriage is not valid and is over.  Talk about being breaking news- the two people who are directly affected, whose marriage is being dissolved, have no real say in it.

So once again, our relationship is suddenly making headlines.  Our marriage is a “political issue”, not the simple expression of love between two people.  Talk about redefining marriage…

It’s interesting that the people that are quite literally destroying marriages, mine and 18,000 others, are somehow taking the stance of moral authority.  I know for certain that part of my day does not include trying to break up other marriages.  Can they say the same?

So for now I sit next to my husband, the man I love, and wonder how someone else gets the right to decide if our marriage is valid.  I know they can never change how we feel for one another, but it doesn’t stop it from stinging as you read a headline about how your marriage is getting dissolved.

Happy Holidays, indeed…

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