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Why shouldn’t we be ANGRY about Rick Warren?

What is up with people (non-glbt and glbt) saying that we should not be angry or surprised about President-elect Obama’s choice of Rick Warren to give the inaugural invocation?  Check out the tone of this Politico article that states that Obama’s choice provoked ire “from a gay rights movement that – in the wake of a gay marriage ban in California – is looking for a fight” (Ben Smith, Nia-Malika Henderson – Wed Dec 17, 5:59 pm ET).  Looking for a fight?  Or Lionel’s Air America post “Hey, LGBT: What Did You Expect?”— well, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, but we are angry and rightly so.

We were wrong to accept Obama’s stance on gay marriage.  We were just so happy to have someone who voiced some support for glbt people that we accepted his position.  Now, let me be clear, Obama really is/was better than many others on gay rights, but we should have pushed him on the marriage issue.  Now I know that many will say that would have just forced Obama to talk more about the issue and possibly appear more “liberal” and garnered more votes for McCain/Bible Spice.  Before the election and the passage of Prop H8, I would have agreed with those people.

But now, I have learned my lesson.  Rick Warren and his ilk have shown me the light.  We, glbt folk, cannot accept ANY slight, denigration, belittling or oversight that threatens our push for full and equal rights.  We have to point, yell, kick and scream!  We have to speak truth to power.  For we have seen that no one will do it for us.

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