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The Only Bigot is You

Rick Warren a Bigot?? I don’t think so!! I have read Rev Warren’s writings, have heard him speak multiple times, and followed his career. Rick Warren knows what he believes and for that he is being called a bigot on your site. We live in a society where it is politically correct to accept EVERYTHING and evrybody, and if we don’t we are called bigots. Like Warren, I have deep seeded beliefs that have formed through years of study and working with diverse people. I do not appreciate being called a bigot for these beleifs. A biogt is someone that judges and treats someone with "hate" for their belief. I’ve never seen Warren be anything but loving as he explains what "he" believes based on the Bible. In our world we are allowed to have our own beliefs……I thought!!! On the other hand, I do not think that your host gives Warren the same respect. She spew untruths and hate about a man she has probably never even met and has also probably never even read his writings. That is what a bigot is!! Rick Warren is the "Real Deal"!! A man who knows what he believes and lives his life accordingly. He does not sway in the breeze, trying to believe all things….he knows what he believes. He has helped millions of people without gain to himself. How many people can say that? How refreshing. Rick Warren does not exclude peole based on his own personal belief. I do believe that if a gay person entered Warren’s church on any Sunday morning, that person would be wearmly welcomed and accepted into the fold. Warren has lived his life reaching out to people through his faith, but in no way does he force his beliefs on anyone. Check him out…..maybe you’ll just come to see the bigot within yourself!!!

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