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Rick Warren, Obama’s New BFF, Still Supports Iraq War, Gave W. Peace Award

When he’s not using the bible to justify the murder of heads of state the United States doesn’t like or refusing to condemn BushCo’s torture, Rick Hagee Warren runs interference on that awesome war in Iraq:

[W]hether or not they found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is beside the point. Saddam and his sons were raping the country, literally. And we morally had to do something. If you have a Judeo-Christian heritage, you have to believe it when God says that evil cannot be compromised with. It has to be resisted, it has to be overcome.

By "resisted" and "overcome," Warren apparently means we had to bomb, kill, torture and occupy the country we saved from Saddam and his sons and clumsily let in terrorists and militants who killed even more Iraqis, all of which stoked a bloody sectarian war.

Does Warren realize than in the quest to save Iraq from Saddam, several hundred thousand people have died and millions have been displaced? I guess that John Paul II who called the war a "defeat for humanity" that was neither "legally nor morally justified" didn’t know what the hell he was talking about.

Yep, Bush has a real friend in Warren. What else could Warren do for him? How about give him a medal…for peace.

COLMES: But to give a peace award to a guy who started two wars…neither of which are completed yet. […]

WARREN: Well, the Peace Award was not about peace in domestic — or foreign policy.

Nice choice, guys.

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