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Obama Transition Health Care Community Discussions

Last night I attended a community meeting to convey our respective views as to problems with and solutions to health care in our community in a extreme western Denver area. It was considered a swing area in the last election.

The attendees included a surprisingly large number of very recently unemployed, health professionals particularly mental health professionals, retirees, self employed, teachers and white collar workers.

Not only were extensive notes taken to be forwarded to the Obama transition health care people but the meeting was also videotaped to accompany the notes.

The meeting started with horror stories of battling with insurance companies including from medical practitioners. Medical offices must deal with as many as 700 insurance companies and looney claims deniers making ridiculous requests. This requires several staff to deal with it.

Often insurance companies will not recognize out of state branches of their own company. One lady, a mental health professional and instructor, was traveling in Maryland and involved in a accident. She was treated at a local hospital emergency room after presenting her insurance card. She is now receiving bills from the MD. Hospital, Kaiser MD, and Kaiser CO.

Other problems that was universally attested to was the Pharma Robber barrons and the total lack of preventative care.

The surprise that I had came towards the end of the meeting when we acknowledged that everyone in attendence was in favor of single provider insurance. Additionally, it was felt that the burden on business should be

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