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Ads Even Fritz Will Approve!

Fritz, I think you will love this (as do I).  In prep for a Prop 8 repeal effort, will be running ads during the inauguration week that show us.

The website says

Welcome to, the only campaign putting

“real people” on the issue of Marriage Equality.

In the wake of California’s passage of Proposition 8, a group of gay and lesbian families are taking to the airwaves, producing five 30-second commercials to air on daytime and prime time television throughout the state.  These commercials will run in urban and rural markets on broadcast and cable channels during the Inauguration week in January 2009.  Their purpose is to capture the hearts and minds of people who do not understand why marriage is so important to us.

Intelligent people can talk until the cows come home about whether gays and lesbians should be able to marry, should it be called “marriage,” and what are the implications.  Intelligent people can disagree.

It’s all abstract until they meet us and put a face on the issue.

A sampling below the fold.

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer