Yet Another Example of Family Values: Drew Peterson Engaged Again

And rather predictably, the bride-to-be is 23.  

But… wait a minute. Let’s look at Drew Peterson, serial husband and former cop, for a minute.

Has his missing wife Stacy been found and has he gotten a divorce? No?

Okay… has her body been found or has she been declared dead? No?

Huh. This is a puzzler… so here’s the story.

The ex-cop who is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife and whose third wife died suspiciously in a bathtub is planning to walk down the aisle for a fifth time.

Drew Peterson, 54, is engaged again, his lawyer and publicist confirmed Wednesday to

Though Peterson is still married to his fourth wife, Stacy, who was 23 when she disappeared last year, he has found a new 23-year-old fiancée, he told “Drew Peterson Exposed” author Derek Armstrong Tuesday.

Peterson has two young children, Anthony, 6, and Lacy, 4, with Stacy Peterson. The missing mom’s family contends she is dead.

“Oh my God, I’m speechless,” Pam Bosco, a spokeswoman for Stacy Peterson’s family told when informed of Drew Peterson’s engagement. “History repeats itself, so I imagine that that’s the same situation he had before: He’d be involved with somebody when he was getting rid of the one before.

Armstrong said the new fiancée, whom Peterson refused to identify, lives within 15 minutes of Peterson’s Bolingbrook, Ill., home. He said the couple have been dating about four months. Lawyer Joel Brodsky and publicist Glenn Selig did not identify the woman either.

Selig said the engagement happened “sometime within the last couple of days.”

A sticking point for Peterson is that he is currently married.

YA THINK??? And can someone explain to me WTF he was doing having children with Stacy when she was 17 (to his 48) and naming one of them LACY Peterson??? These poor kids.

With his suspected history, THAT didn’t raise red flags for Stacy??? I digress…

More below the fold…And to top it all, he has even been in THIS pattern of “still married and yet engaged before…

“This is not uncommon for Drew,” said Selig. “When he was married to Kathleen still, he was in the process of divorcing Kathleen when he proposed to Stacy. He’s done this before and, you know, he seems very happy.

Earlier this year, Peterson met with high-profile Chicago attorney Jeffery M. Leving, a lawyer in the Elian Gonzalez case, to see what his rights to a split might be.

Leving told that Peterson had not yet filed for divorce.

Desertion for at least one year is grounds for divorce under Illinois law — though Peterson, as the divorce petitioner, would have to show he wasn’t at fault for causing his wife to leave, Leving said.

Seems to me that offing one’s “old, er, YOUNG lady” would mean he is indeed to fault…

Honestly, how rock stupid or dumb as a post (pick your analogy or insert your own) does a person have to be? Has she never seen a television set, read a newspaper, gone online?


Run, you dumb bunny, run! Lest you suffer the fate of of those who went before you…

Drew Peterson- well on his way to taking his place alongside Henry VIII as worst husband ever…

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