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Rick Warren, Warmongering Torture Apologist, to Usher in Era of Hope and Change

I really have no idea why Rick Warren was selected to give the invocation at the Obama inaugural. Maybe John Hagee was unavailable.

The clip on the right is Warren cheering on Sean Hannity’s call to "take out" those he deems "rogue dictators"– as well as the leader of a foreign country. At the time, Matt Russ asked:

Does Warren really consider it part of his ministry to sanctify the inch-deep theologizing-cum-warmongering of thugs like Sean Hannity? If so, who else does Warren think Jesus would bomb?

I contacted Pastor Warren’s office for clarification, specifically to find out where, exactly, the Bible says that “God puts government on earth to punish evildoers” like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They said they’d get back to me.

Warren, who bragged that he is Rupert Murdoch’s pastor, also recently refused to condemn the Bush administration’s torture.

WARREN – I’m totally against torture.

BELIEFNET- Do you think this was a profound moral failing of the Bush administration?

WARREN – Well I don’t know exactly how they defined torture….

BELIEFNET- John McCain thinks they did torture.

WARREN – Well, and you know what – some of the stuff I saw looking at Guantanamo looks like clearly it was torture. To me, if you torture someone, you put yourself no better than the enemy. We must maintain the moral highground. You have no right to condemn the immoral actions of others if we’re doing the same thing. And we should expect that others will torture our people if we’re torturing them.

BELIEFNET- Did you ever talk to President Bush to try to convince him to change his policy?

WARREN – No. No.

So to review, Warren publicly chastized Obama for refusing to reject and denounce abortion, said four California judges "threw out will of the people", and openly calls for the murder of a head of state — but is completely unwilling to hold BushCo morally accountable for torturing. 

Great choice, guys.

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