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For National Review’s K-Lo, Shoe Throwing Incident is an Attack on the Troops

2076701678_29d2b786d0_m.jpgIn case you hadn’t heard, that dastardly Iraqi journalist wasn’t just throwing his shoes at Bush. He was throwing them at the troops.

I’m sorry, but am I crazy to take a little offense in that shoe incident? On behalf of my president, on foreign soil. On behalf of my fellow countrymen and women. On behalf of the men and women serving in our armed forces who have made it possible for the “hero” of the story to fling shoes. On behalf of those same men and women, so many who respect and even love this commander-in-chief.

Hear, hear! I’m sure that mere words cannot possibly capture the outrage and shock our troops felt when they heard that their beloved commander-in-chief was insulted that way. (h/t TS)

The Shoe Incident had barely been brought up among the soldiers all day. It wasn’t much of a priority, not compared to leave dates or the Cowboys-Giants game…

"Hey you see George was hit with a shoe?” a soldier had asked Monday morning, laughing and lumping eggs into his plate in the kitchenette of the company’s security outpost.

“George who?”

And that was mostly it for Monday. By the middle of the day most had heard about it, on the Internet, from wives back home, but it was more or less dismissed with “I can’t believe that, that’s some funny stuff” (or so paraphrased, for this is a family blog).

The next day, Lt. Miller told me that, out of nowhere, the man in the last house had announced that he wanted to apologize for the Shoe Incident, insisting that it not reflect poorly on all Iraqis.

I asked Lt. Miller what he said in return. He assured the man that it was OK, that they do not consider one Iraqi’s behavior indicative of the country, that this was what democracy can look like, etc.

And, he said, “I told him that a lot of the soldiers thought it was pretty funny.”

What would we do without true patriots like K-Lo, who always have their nimble, insightful fingertips on the pulse of the troops?

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