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As I’ve pointed out before I don’t watch a whole lot of TV; I don’t have anything against TV, I just don’t have the time. And just as I am aware of all internet traditions, I’m also aware of various "reality shows"  that litter the wasteland because it’s pretty hard to avoid the headlines from our deeply serious media trumpeting the latest person to be booted off this or that show  and , oh, how we should talk about this around the water cooler, not that there are really any water coolers these days. It’s more like cubicle chit-chat. 

What I have seen of reality shows I don’t care for.  Everyone is encouraged to play to the cameras lest there be no drama/conflict/nationwide humiliation. This begets a nation of slack-jawed morons who feel free to emulate this hyper-reality in real life as if it were somehow normal. I don’t want to be around people desirous of increasing the daily  drama or who feel the need to go on at length about how something, no matter how mundane, made them "feel". I want people to leave me alone, keep it to themselves, and generally shut the fuck up. If my lack of empathy or interest in trivial slights causes them to develop a secret drinking problem or an eating disorder, well, I can live with that. Without developing a secret drinking problem or an eating disorder of my own. Score one for me.

Having said all of that, I was informed this evening that the Duggar family not only have their own reality show 17 Kids and Counting but Michelle Duggar, baby Pez dispenser that she is, is about to eject another one.

Dec 24, 6:00 pm 30 min(s)

17 Kids and Counting
Big Family Meets Big Apple

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have a big secret: they are pregnant

Apparently the launch date for #18 just happens to be January 1, 2009, a fortuitous convergence of programing and family planning.

I’m sure there was a time when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar truly believed that they were making babies for Jesus, but somewhere along the line what was once a holy mission became a public spectacle which has proven to be quite lucrative for Duggar World. And if they are viewed as a freak show (and let’s face it: they are. Nobody is watching for tips on bad hairstyles or thirty-one meals that can be made with cream of mushroom soup) then God must will it, meaning that God is  more cynical than any TV producer alive or roasting in hell.

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