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Yes, Jane knows motherfucking everybody. Jello Biafra has a frontpage post on FDL. It’s way way way too long for me to read right now. But. I had the chance to interview Jello when he was MCing the Operation Ceasefire antiwar demonstration on the Mall in late summer 2005. I won’t front. I was nervous. The dude was cool to me until I asked him if the countercultural aspect of the show ran the risk of alienating the growing middle of the country that was turning against the war. He said some obnoxious shit about me and about TNR, for whom I was reporting at the time. I’ve spent the last few years a bit bitter about that. But you know what? It was kind of a wankerish question. Clearly the presence of Le Tigre at a demonstration didn’t stop the country from repudiating the war. Anyway later that day I talked to Wayne Kramer and Ted Leo and that was pretty great. Other things happened at that show that seemed extremely fortuitous shortly thereafter and now appear like a false dawn on the horizon. But don’t let that stop you from reading Jello’s post.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman

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