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What Scumbag Would Call The Humane Society “Terrorists”? Rick Berman


And here we all thought the Humane Society was a place to pick up Spot and Fluffy. Nope. Rick Berman’s "Center For Consumer Freedom" tells us the Humane Society’s kitten-huggers are really terorrists.

Over at Green Is The New Red, Will Porter tells how CCF bought a full page ad in the NYT and blew the ad on a risible "six degrees of separation" link between the Humane Society and some supposedly scary terruhists. Yep. Six whole Bacon units: when a mere three Bacon units separate Poppy Bush and Osama Bin Laden. And Rick Berman tells us we should be scared of the Humane Society?

OK, folks. Who do you trust? Rick Berman – the humanoid suppuration who falsely accused PETA of killing animals? Rick Berman – industry’s highly paid smear expert? Rick Berman – the safety saboteur who attacked PETA MADD on behalf of his booze industry paymasters? Rick Berman – the neuronal assassin and fetal abuser behind the campaign to get pregnant women eating more tuna with mercury? The Berman who created a lie – mercury’s OK for kids and pregnant moms – so toxic even the Bushie FDA won’t back it?

Why does Berman do this for the megacorps who made him wealthy?

…ads showing children being exploited by union bosses are all in a day’s work for Rick Berman.

In the end, Berman says it’s all about "shooting the messenger."

"Shooting the messenger means getting people to understand that this messenger is not as credible as their name would suggest," Berman says.

Who would you trust: the Humane Society, or a scumbag like Rick Berman?

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