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Obama presser tomorrow to announce energy, environment cabinet picks

President-Elect Barack Obama is expected to announce his picks for head of the Department of Energy and US Environmental Protection Agency as well as a Climate Czar.

Obama’s transition team said in a statement Sunday that he would hold a press conference "to discuss the nation’s energy and environmental future."

News reports said the president-elect was likely to announce that Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu has been chosen to take the helm of the Department of Energy.

Lisa Jackson, 46, chief of staff for the governor of the northeastern state of New Jersey and the state’s former top environmental official, is expected to be named to head the US Environmental Protection Agency, news reports said.

Obama was also expected to announce that Carol Browner, who served as EPA administrator under president Bill Clinton and who leads the Obama transition team’s working group on energy and environmental issues, will become the White House "climate czar," a post could include some of the responsibilities previously under EPA.

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