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Yes we can but we won’t

This weeks events prove the fact that the Country is worse shape than we think. A few Republicans can slap the people of the Country in the face laugh and get away with it. They didn’t just stab at the auto union they stabbed at the American worker who is fastly losing any hope of making good wages for their labor in the future. We have sat back and let them sell this Country down the river and done nothing. We have re-elected the same people who’s policy is to let any crook company or persons do anything they can to make a buck no matter if it hurts the people or the country. Our Government, those people we elect and give the power to control what happens to all of us are not beloved public servants. They are not saints, intellectuals, or great purveyors of the country or peoples needs. Once elected they do as they see fit, right or mostly wrong, and we have little say. This is not representation in any way or form but it is what we have let happen.
Our Government has the power to control what goes out and comes into the country but does little controling of any of it. Because they think free trade and flow of goods is great. Global is their favorite word but we didn’t elect them to look out for the global economy but for ours. Until they are made to act only in our interests we are lost. Protectionism is a pet word but it is what they were elected to do. Protecting the country people and markets of this country is not a crime but a must. The people should be allowed to follow government officials around with baseball bats and every time they mention things like global and protectionism and union busting smak them squarly in the mouth. Seem strong maybe, but until we make it known that we will no longer let them act out of our interests we don’t stand a chance.
The fact that they let American companies make goods out of country and sell them here the same as if they were made here is a problem.
The fact they let foreign companies use our markets freely even if they manufacture here is a problem.
The fact that anyone or country can sell stuff here yet we can’t sell stuff there is a problem.
It is not protectionest to protect the interests of our country and our people by insiting on fare and even trade.
The Auto Makers have been allowed to go global at our expense and it hasn’t worked. If it had they wouldn’t be begging for money. If all their jobs were in this country we would be better off. They got away with making cars and parts out of country puting those jobs elsewhere and making less people here to buy their cars. If you were an ex auto worker would you still buy their cars? No!
The blame in the Auto problem is more with Government and The companies than the workers. The companies are forced to pay for heathcare retirement taxes and everything for their workers. The government has enjoyed being able to enjoy the fruits of all of it with doing little to help so they should take some responsibility to save all of it. As we see the people we put into government are disgrace to the Nation so who can we blame.

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