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“Real Good Man”! Tim McGraw Throws Stetson into the Ring

Gritty! Hot! Democrat!

Country singer Tim McGraw–son of a baseball player Tug McGraw, husband of Faith Hill, father, actor and creator of his own eponymous cologne with:

a woody, spicy fragrance that’s irresistibly masculine

is seriously fixin’ to run as the Democratic candidate for Tennessee governor in 2010!

His qualifications are every bit as good as Ronald Reagan, Ahnuld or Jesse Ventura! Plus, think about Faith Hill as First Lady of Tennesse–and he already has a really catchy campaign song!

Girl you’ve never known no one like me
Up there in your high society
They might tell you I’m no good
Girl they need to understand
Just who I am
I may be a real bad boy
But baby I’m a real good man

I may drink too much and play too loud
Hang out with a rough and rowdy crowd
That don’t mean I don’t respect
My Mama or my Uncle Sam
Yes sir, yes ma’am
I may be a real bad boy
But baby I’m a real good man

I might have a reckless streak
At least a country-mile wide
If you’re gonna run with me
It’s gonna be a wild ride
When it comes to loving you
I’ve got velvet hands
I’ll show you how a real bad boy
Can be a real good man

I take all the good times I can get
I’m too young for growing up just yet
Ain’t much I can promise you
‘Cept to do the best I can
I’ll be damned
I may be a real bad boy
But baby I’m a real good man

I may be a real bad boy
Oh but baby I’m a real good man
Yes I am

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

Los Angeles native, attended UC Berkeley and Loyola Marymount University before punk rock and logophilia overtook her life. Worked as nightclub columnist, pop culture journalist and was a Hollywood housewife before writing for and editing Sacred History Magazine. Then she discovered the thrill of politics. She also appears frequently on the Dave Fanning Show, one of Ireland's most popular radio broadcasts.