Here’s a very ordinary guy, grinning, sitting across from the great Rachel Maddow. He’s an okie, I happen to know. Born in 1954, in Duncan, OK, where I used to pass through on the way to Ft Sill during the days I was in captivity during the Vietnam fiasco.

Meanwhile, back in DC in those years, subterranean rats were scheming up nefarious plots to undermine enemies, and from where they stood, nothing else was seen but enemies. A further treasure trove of some 90,000 pages has been released by the Nixon library, and in there is a letter from one, Buchanan, to another one, Chuck Colson.

Buchanan is still on the teevee somehow. He’s the apple doll with the forced whine about all them races pouring over the border to pollute the ethnic blend so in the future citizens will no longer look like Buck. He seems to think that’s a degradation. Colson was Nixon’s Luca Bras, but he found Jesus in court, like they do.

The data in the letter pertains to some skullduggery by another rat who had dug up dirt on the recently selected veep nominee of the enemy party. Eagleton, it is said, is a drunk with both mental and marital problems. Let’s get it out, says Buck. I done did it, replies Chuck.

Back to the cracker sitting with Rachel last week. Only he ain’t no cracker no more. He’s an actual famous filmaker, name of Ron Howard! Before that he was Opie, on Maybury RFD. He is flaunting to Rachel his lack of prejudice against Nixon, one object of his film he is everywhere promoting. Says Opie, in fact, I voted for Nixon in ’72. He was 18, and just the year previous the Constitution was changed to allow dumb crackers under 21 to vote. Said Opie, I thought about McGovern, and then that Eagleton problem came up, so I went with the safe, conservative choice.

Just another young yokel gulled by the Chuck and Buck Show. I guess it shows although you’re a woeful redneck from Duncan, OK, you can still rise above it, in movies! You can overcome your youthful lack of geography and comprehension to explore the very heart and core of human nature to an astonished and admiring public, at seven bucks a throw! Opie’s a model for all us okies.



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