I Crist A Girl


Congratulations to Florida Governor Charlie Crist on his marriage to NY socialite/beard Carole Rome:

Gov. Charlie Crist became the first sitting Florida governor to wed in nearly 42 years, exchanging vows Friday at a ceremony attended by some 200 relatives, friends and celebrities.

The 52-year-old governor wed his 39-year-old bride, New York socialite Carole Rome, at First United Methodist Church, a short walk from Crist’s rented condo in St. Petersburg. They met at a dinner in New York City in September 2007 and Crist proposed less than 10 months later with a sapphire engagement ring.

Crist kissed Rome briefly at the end of the ceremony — perhaps too briefly. She put her hands on his face and kissed him again. Afterward, the couple walked out of the church and addressed waiting reporters.

This adds a whole new dimension to the term "sexual tension".

While Charlie looks to be a work in progress for a game and undaunted Carole, Maggie Gallagher can start using Crist as the poster boy who proves  that gays can get married as long as they are willing to deny the very core of their being and engage in humiliating and unappealing sex acts at least once a week or possibly twice if TNT is showing Top Gun and the Harvey Wallbangers are flowing….

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