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Yo Debbie: Tell Washington Post To Correct Lies About Employee Free Choice

Kneepads%20%282%29.jpgMichael A. Fletcher of the Washington Post repeats Rick Berman’s lies about Employee Free Choice:

Opponents have attacked the proposal’s intent to eliminate secret ballots in union elections, an idea they say is undemocratic.

Dean Baker does the honors:

Workers do not currently have the right to a secret ballot in elections deciding whether or not they will have a union. The employer has the option to recognize a union based on card check (a majority of workers sign a card indicating their desire to join a union) or to demand an election certified by the National Labor Relations Board. The Employee Free Choice Act that will be considered by Congress in the next session gives this choice to workers.

Under the legislation, workers could organize by card check, but they can also petition to have an election overseen by the NLRB. Therefore it is incorrect for the Post to assert that the bill’s "intent [is] to eliminate secret ballots in union elections.

Deborah Howell is currently in her final days as ombudswoman at the Washington Post.  Let’s send her out with a bang.

You can politely insist that the Washington Post print a correction here.

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Jane Hamsher

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